Thomas F. Lambert Jr. Professor of Law and Co-Director Intellectual Property Law Concentration



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  • BA, University of North Dakota
  • MA, University of Maryland
  • PhD, Boston College
  • JD, Suffolk University
  • LLM, Harvard University

Bar Admittance

  • MA


  • High Technology Law
  • Cyberspace Law
  • Information Law
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • Torts


Resident Associate, Wellesley College Center for Res. on Women, MA, 1979-81; Adjunct Professor, Boston College, 1982-83; Assistant Professor, Northeastern, 1983-87; Clerk, Judge William E. Doyle, U.S.C.A., 10th Circuit, Denver, 1984-85; Associate, Foley, Hoag & Eliot, Boston, 1986-88; Associate Professor, Suffolk, 1988-91; Professor, since 1991


Professional Activities

American Law Institute, Member of Consultative Groups: Torts, UCC, Transnational Civil Procedure; Task Leader, Subcommittee on Information Licensing, ABA Business Law Section ; Member, Law & Society Association; Member, ALI; Subcommittee on Software Contracting, ABA, 1992-94; Project Director, Effects of Licenses & Third Party Issues; Chair, Art. 2B, Task Force; Member, Phi Beta Kappa




SOFTWARE LICENSES: PRINCIPLES & PRACTICAL STRATEGIES (Oxford University Press, 2d ed., forthcoming 2013)




Preface, Outline, and Chapter One (download from SSRN)
* For ordering information please see the Thomson/West Web site.


EVERYDAY LAW FOR CONSUMERS (2007) (Series edited by Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic)

TORT LAW: CASES, MATERIALS, PERSPECTIVES (4th ed., 2007) (with Thomas C. Galligan, Jr., et al)

COPYRIGHT IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: AN UNHURRIED VIEW OF COPYRIGHT REVISITED ( Michael L. Rustad, Iris Geik, Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, Jerry Cohen, and Henry Horbackewski eds., 2005)

SEARCHING THE LAW (3d ed., 2005) (Contributor to sections on law and literature, internet law and reviewing law)


E-BUSINESS LEGAL HANDBOOK (2003) (with Cyrus Daftary)

E-BUSINESS LEGAL HANDBOOK (2002) (with Cyrus Daftary)

E-BUSINESS LEGAL HANDBOOK (2001) (with Cyrus Daftary)

IN DEFENSE OF TORT LAW (2001) (with Thomas J. Koenig)




SOCIAL PROBLEMS: THE CONTEMPORARY DEBATES (Michael L. Rustad, John B. Williamson and Linda Evans eds., 4th ed., 1985)

WOMEN IN KHAKI: THE AMERICAN ENLISTED WOMAN (1982) (hardcover and paperback editions, nominee for C. Wright Mills book award) [ Book (pdf)  -  Abstract (pdf) ]





Book Chapters

Taming the Tort Monster: The American Civil Justice System as a Battleground of Social Theory, in TORT LAW: CASES, PERSPECTIVES AND PROBLEMS (Thomas C. Galligan, et al ed., 2013) (eBook) (with Thomas Koenig)

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Mandatory Arbitration Agreements in Social Media Sites , 05/30/12. (iTunes)

AALS Presentation on Torts Theory, 06/01/12. (AALS)



Shake'em Up Harvard Law School Talk, Oct. 24, 2013 (Video).
In this groundbreaking conference, Ralph Nader moderates conversations with twelve leading scholars, practitioners, and advocates about transforming America's broken legal system.



2005-2006 recipient of Cornelius Moynihan Award for Teaching Excellence, Suffolk University Law School.

2001-2002 recipient of Cornelius Moynihan Award for Teaching Excellence, Suffolk University Law School.

1998-1999 recipient of Thomas J. McMahon Award for Dedication, Suffolk University Law School.

1997-1998 recipient of the Cornelius Moynihan Award for Teaching Excellence, Suffolk University Law School



Quoted in The Boston Globe about the potential for cases in the New England Compounding Menginitis case.

Quoted talking about the Suffolk University Law School IP concentration, Boston Sunday Globe, May 6, 2012. Read the Boston Globe article.

Quoted in Thomson Reuters News & Insight about our recent study of Arbitration in social media, May 04, 2012.  Read the article.

Interview for the Chicago Tribune: Non-Economic Damages in medical malpractice cases, January 29, 2003.

Review by Stephen J. Herman of Prof. Rustad's article In Defence of Tort Law in November 2001 issue of Trial [PDF File size: 3,536KB]

Prof. Rustad quoted in October 15, 2001 article in Computer World: Attacks Prompt Debate Over Software Security: Should vendors be held accountable?

Suffolk names Professor Michael Rustad to the Thomas F. Lambert, Jr., Endowed Chair.

Remarks by Prof. Rustad Accepting Lambert Chair



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