Fall 2017 Examination Schedule (Tentative)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  4-Dec 5-Dec 6-Dec 7-Dec 8-Dec 9-Dec
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  11-Dec 12-Dec 13-Dec 14-Dec 15-Dec 16-Dec
9:30am 1A Criminal Law- Cavallaro Bus Entity Fund-Bishop Basic Income Tax - Conway 1A I Property- Infranca Family Law - Perlin 1A Contracts - Ferrey
to 1C Criminal Law - Cooper Drafting Wills &Trusts- Rounds   1A II Property -Griffith   1B I Contracts - Wittenberg
12:30pm   Privacy Law- Landers   1B Property - Murthy   1B II Contracts - Bishop
        1C Property - Beckerman-Rodau   1C Contracts - Wittenberg
            MAKE UPS for 12/14, 12/15
2:00pm     Federal Courts - Greabe     Bus Entity Fund - Lipshaw
to     Trademark- Curtin     Com Law Survey- Rustad
5:00pm     Law and Economics-Robertson     Const Law/Crim - Zanini
      Banking Law - Allen     First Amendment-Sullivan
      Patent Law- Beckerman-Rodau     Int'l Bus Trans - Gibson
            Int'l Tax - Polito
            Labor Law - Greenbaum
            Sec Regulations- Franco
6:00pm 1B Criminal Law-Callahan 5A Property- Graham Antitrust - Robertson Advanced Survey-DeFabritiis 4A Contracts - Lipshaw  
to 4A Criminal Law-Callahan Medical Malpractice-Kelley Medicare/Medicaid-Barker Bankruptcy Reorganization-Bailey/Walker Evidence (day) - Borenstein  
9:00pm Consumer Law-Palermino Health Law- Landers Family Law - Conway Insurance - McNaught Evidence (eve) - Borenstein  
  Mergers/Acquisit-Franco Trusts and Estates - Rounds Land Use - Keenan Mass Practice - Perlin    
   Unincorporated Bus Assoc - Pizzano   Tax Prac/Proc- Shea MAKE UPS for 12/11, 12/12, 12/13    
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday    
  18-Dec 19-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec    
9:30am Statutory Interpretation-Laplante Conveyancing - Keenan 1A Civil Proc -Eisenstat SNOW DAY    
to   Env Law Svy-Murthy 1C I Civil Proc-Simard MAKE UP    
12:30pm   Evidence - Cavallaro 1CII Civil Proc - Eisenstat      

State&Local Gvt-Griffith

2:00pm       MAKE UPS 12/19, 12/20    
6:00pm     5A Constitutional Law-Wilton      
6:00pm Admin Law - McKenzie Basic Fed Income Tax-Corbett 1B Civil Proc - Glannon      
to Admiralty-Bromley e-Discovery- Koss 4A Civil Proc I - Glannon      
9:00pm Const Law/Crim Proc- Ricciuti Secured Trans-McJohn        
  Emerging Issues-Rustad          
  Intel Property Survey-Beckerman-Rodau MAKE UPS 12/16, 12/18        
  Prof Resp-Georges         11/13/17
Students who have 3 scheduled examinations within a 53 hour period may file an Examination Reschedule form to move one of the examinations.