Approximately 30% of all FAFSA applications will be selected by the US Department of Education for a process called verification. To be eligible to receive most forms of financial aid, applicants selected must verify the information provided on the FAFSA. If your application is chosen for verification, we will notify you of the additional paperwork which must be completed. Verification must be completed before your financial aid can be finalized and before any aid can be applied to your student tuition account.

Please note: The IRS Data Retrieval Process is currently unavailable. Please refer to instructions below regarding verification of 2015 income.

Applicants selected for verification are required to complete the Suffolk University Verification Worksheet. In addition, tax filers (student and parent, if applicable) must verify their taxable income. Currently there are two ways to verify income.  Students and parents can submit either a 2015 tax return transcript (obtained directly from the IRS at or a signed copy of the 2015 1040(A)(EZ) forms.

In addition, please keep in mind dependent students must verify tax information for both the parent(s) and the student if tax returns were filed.

If a student or parent did not file a federal tax return, you must submit verification of non-filing status. This can be done by completing the statement of non-filing status for the student or parent.

In some situations, students will be asked to submit additional verification materials. Please be sure to complete any requested documentation.

Students will receive two notices requesting the required verification documentation. Failure to submit the requested information will result in the loss of financial aid eligibility. In addition, documentation must be received while the student is still enrolled in the term for which he/she is applying for aid. Documentation received after this time will be processed on a case by case basis and eligibility for financial aid funding cannot be guaranteed.